GSK Consumer Health: Consumer Sensory Lab

Science & Technology New Jersey
The Consumer Sensory Lab enables GSK to engage consumers to gain valuable product insight around the five senses prior to launching new products. Participants are greeted at the reception and led to the discussion room where the intent and process of their participation is explained. Following the briefing, participants are taken to the individual sensory booths for sample testing and recording their feedback. The materials used in the booths are white in order not to create any bias and the lighting is fully controllable both from intensity and color.  

Participant feedback is provided digitally via tablet computers. Where the process involves focus groups there is a focus room designed with a lounge setting to encourage an open dialog. This room includes a one-way mirror from an adjacent viewing room where additional non-verbal feedback can be obtained. The overall ambiance of the suite is minimal and white with a wood look to create a welcoming setting. This provides the appropriate neutral background to highlight specialized colorful focused content display material created.


Warren, NJ


3,500 SF


Architecture, Interior Design

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