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The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (DPLM) on 6-Founders houses the Division of Anatomic Pathology, which provides diagnosis of diseases and monitoring of therapy by examining tissue and cells, utilizing the latest techniques of neoplastic, inflammatory and transplant-related diseases. The division is divided into four sections: cytology, medical pathology, neuropathology, and surgical pathology. The department was altered to improve workflow and increase space for technical procedures and processes performed on the floor. The alterations included capturing decanted space within the floor, to allow for significant expansion of the Grossing Lab and Sign-Out functions, plus accommodation of increased capacity for growth in the faculty that operates the department. 

The new Gross Room design is more than double the previous area, which increased the grossing bench count from seven to twelve, plus a teaching bench. The new design accommodates a unified Surgical Pathology/Cytology office (AP Report Office). A 29 (plus three for growth) faculty office and administrative offices suite was designed adjacent to a thirteen Pod Sign-Out Suite, with direct access from suite to the other. The Sign-Out suite was designed to provide pod for each specific service line that is provided within the Division, plus space for a 14 head conferencing scope.


Philadelphia, PA


26,500 SF


Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Laboratory Planning

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