Roswell Park Cancer Institute/SUNY Buffalo: Buffalo Life Sciences Complex

Science & Technology Academic New York
The BLSC is designed to attract research talent and facilitate collaboration among public academic research, private for-profit science, and medical products developers. The facility is designed for multiple collaborative institutional partners and scaled for compatibility with the campus and surrounding neighborhood. To promote connectivity, enclosed bridges link the existing facility and promote inter-institutional socializing. SUNY University at Buffalo is a bioinformatics research facility and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a biomedical and cancer research facility. Within the Roswell building, secondary staircases in addition to the main stairwells allow for vertical movement and lead to conference and break rooms, or nodes. They appear as window projections from the front façade of the building, which also provide natural lighting. The UB Facility houses a 5,000 SF super computer server farm and bioinformatics facilities on the lower two floors, with the upper two levels housing flexible, open, wet, biomedical research labs.

The building achieved LEED Silver with the LEED Energy Optimization measures resulting in a 30% improvement in energy efficiency over energy code requirements, providing a 4.25 year ROI.


Buffalo, NY


290,000 SF


Architecture, Planning, Interior Design


LEED Silver