New York Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association of NYC: Brooklyn Health Center, Orthopedics

Healthcare Orthopedics New York Metro Area
As part of the multi-disciplinary Health center, the Orthopedics group are grouped with supporting services such as the Multi-purpose rooms and Fitness spaces.   The floors are also organized with an on-stages/off-stage concept so that Union members would access the treatment spaces from one side and the staff from the other.  Union members and materials would travel on separated paths throughout the building both vertically and horizontally.  Accessing the left-hand side of the plan, members circulate up the spine and flow into the exam corridors from the left. Each of the Exam rooms within the pods are angled which not only allows for easier wayfinding, but also creates a small area where family members can wait outside the room.  Staff and materials flow from the right side of the plan up a staff only spine to the top of the plan where each floor has a staff respite space.


Brooklyn, NY


8,500 SF