Jefferson Health: Clinical Laboratory Alteration & Equipment Upgrade

Philadelphia Metro Area Healthcare Clinical Labs
The main goal was to accommodate the new equipment layout and relocate displaced functions while maintaining access to the existing receiving windows and pneumatic tube stations. It was essential that the layout of the plan accommodate optimal flow and separation among distinct activities, including the various testing areas within the Lab and the Offices areas. 

Phase 1 - Enabling Phase: Relocation & demolition of the Computer Server Room and IT workspaces off-site in order to expand the lab function footprint; relocation and creation of new MEP services and systems; MEP work included construction of a new electrical room to accommodate the renovation and displaced existing panels and augmenting the existing Deionized Water system to accommodate the additional loads; construction of new accessioning space; relocation and reconfiguration of Accessioning functions to the new space.

Phase 2-10: Recircuiting of electrical panels to the new Electrical Room; renovation of decanted Accessioning space  to create the infrastructure for the new Roche equipment, and to create a clear footprint to accommodate the automated Roche line instrument’s testing, validation, and final layout; phased installation, testing, and validation of the new Roche equipment; expansion of the Residents Suite into decanted IT workroom.


Philadelphia, PA


5,700 SF


Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Laboratory Planning

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