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 Fox Rothschild had recently merged with a local Chicago law firm, and engaged FCA, its longtime strategic partner, to design their new office. FCA has been working with Fox Rothschild for over 25 years and has established the firm standards they utilize throughout the country. The new office was designed to create a homogenous office-size concept. Glass fronts were used to allow the abundant natural light to make its way through the interior of the office. Speaking to the homogenous concept, there are no corner offices—instead corners here are open areas, allowing for additional access to natural light and to serve as vistas for the corridor and interior work areas. Administration workstations are clustered for work-sharing and attorney offices have full-height glass for total transparency. The reception area was designed with a gorgeously optimized view of the Chicago River and cityscape, reinforcing the connection to the city itself. For the sake of clients, each glass conference room is equipped with powered privacy shades. Both the reception and conference spaces were designed to separate from the staff areas, for both privacy and security. This is the first of Fox Rothschild’s offices to begin incorporating a more industrial-chic aesthetic. 


Chicago, IL


27,000 SF


Architecture, Interior Design, Workplace Strategy

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